The Company

Since 1999

The Espy Corporation is a provider of commercial radio frequency (RF) monitoring, direction finding, Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) capable sensors and analysis software. Optimized to support search, survey, geolocation, discovery, and analysis of new transmitters in the RF spectrum, these sensors and GUIs are especially well suited to missions related to spectrum monitoring, spectrum enforcement, SIGINT, COMINT, and ELINT, with application to both industry and defense. Ease of use, quality, value, and maintainability are cornerstones of Espy’s offerings.

Our Products

The leader in wideband RF signals search, survey, discovery and geolocation

Espy's teamSENTINEL© family of wideband recording RF sensors are highly configurable to address a wide range of requirements defined by size, weight, power, cost, frequency coverage (ELF, VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF), wideband recording capacity, signal detection, signal categorization, angle of arrival direction finding (AoA DF) and TNG. Extreme recording of wideband digital RF (hours, days and weeks) affords operators the freedom to conduct signal searches without the pressure of operating in real-time, and all while the system is actively acquiring and recording new RF data. Signals can be retroactively prosecuted interactively by an operator to play back as audio, analyze to determine signal type, and geo-locate on geolocation-enabled sensors.

  • teamSENTINEL – Extreme RF stare bandwidth, signal processing and recording capacity (ELF through SHF)

  • teamSENTINELmini© – Optimized for maximum bandwidth where SwAP and transportability are priorities

  • teamSENTINELnano© – When size matters, and smaller and more transportable is better

  • teamSOIGNE© – Operator GUIs that transform terabytes of raw wideband IQ data into information rich spectral metadata

  • teamSENTINEL Digital RF Server – post-analyze previously recorded digital RF IQ wideband data collected on teamSENTINEL family sensors and third-party sensor sources

  • RF Peripherals – Specialized wideband RF multi-couplers and switches, monitoring antennas and DF antenna systems

The entire teamSENTINEL product line runs the same software binaries across the entire product line, guaranteeing the same exceptional user experience on all platforms.

Our Services

In direct support of our products and technologies

Espy provides a variety of commercial engineering support services related to the configuration, deployment, operations, maintenance and training of our systems and software. Specialized engineering expertise includes, RF infrastructure optimization, AoA DF antenna system design and deployment, direction finding operations, TNG node-deployment and operations, and advanced signals analysis. Espy’s subject matter experts are available for deployment on a world-wide basis, as U.S. export law permits.

Espy’s products and services are ITAR controlled and require authorization by the U.S. Department of State prior to export.

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